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Month: March 2012

Existential Mahon Conclusion


Timeless by

An Alexia Tarabotti novel, The Parasol Protectorate: Book the Fifth Seeing as this it the fifth, and final, book in…

The droghte of March …

I should be out walking the dog at the moment. It is a lovely day today, I should be making…

Those are spiderwebs peoples! Spiderwebs!


The Snow Child by

Mabel and Jack have left home and family behind and travelled to Alaska, to the edge of the world, trying…

The death of grass by

Read for the Not just for Stormtroopers sci-fi challenge It is the 1950s, and a devastating virus is sweeping Asia….

The love letters of an Irish woman

Today, at work, in preparation for our move:”(of which I shall not speak because the work is unending and wearisome)”,…

Angelmaker by

Joe Spork isĀ  mild mannered clockmaker. He wns and runs a shop fixing clockwork devices, from clocks to Victorian dirty…

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