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February 2012

Josephine Butler

Josephine Butler

I work in a library headquarters, this means that we process the new stock [1] . Part of this processing means that …

Eddie investigates

Edie Investigates by

In a small English village something is afoot. A local gent has lost his head, quite literally. Someone has murdered Donny Crispin …

I love him to pieces

I love him to pieces by

My boyfriend is a monster #1. Illustrated by Janina Garrissen. In St. Petersberg High School, Florida Dicey Bell is looking for Jack …

Glister by John Burnside

Glister by

Teenage boys are going missing in Innertown. Where they go and what happens to them, nobody knows. Some say that they have …

“To Dublin’s war horse, Vonolel!” « Come here to me!. And the previous post about Vonolel is here. There are men both good and wise Who hold that in a future state Dumb creatures we have … → 10 February 2012

By the time, Laura Ingalls Wilder started publishing, the entire world she described in the books had disappeared. In one person’s lifetime, everything had changed. Her first book Little House in the Big Woods was published … → 7 February 2012