Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol dir. by

31 December 2011

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Cast: , , , ,
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Ethan Hunt is in prison, but do not fear, an IMF team are here to break him out. No one seems quite sure of what happened between him and his wife, and no one wants to ask. But the mission, to find out the identity of Cobalt, a dangerous man who has Russian nuclear missile codes and may be planning an attack. But in the Kremlin archives things do not go to plan and Ethan and his team are played. The entire IMF is disavoyed and Hunt is branded a terrorist. Hunt and his team must work without back-up, without support, and without the possibility of extraction to find Colbalt and ensure that he does not bring about a nuclear war.

An impossible mission perhaps!

Yeah, I’m witty that way.

For the most part I have to say that I did enjoy this. It is too long though and the middle sags a little. Despite all the action and capers.

I’m being brief in this review because I really have very little to say. We went to see it for a little New Year’s Even entertainment, and I guess, for the most part we got that. But it isn’t one I’d be rushing to recommend, and I don’t think I’d bother watching it again.

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