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The Night Circus

In 1873 a package was delivered to a magician. A package that was, in fact, his daughter. The child’s mother […]

France v New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup final · The Score

I was cheering for France in the final, but still, Congrats to New Zealand. They were the better team over […]

Pegasus and the flame

Mythology and Reality collide! So the blurb on the back of this book tell me. The mythical winged stallion Pegasus […]

vague song lyric

vague song lyric.

Neil Gaiman in Russian

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Victorian sex factoids

Victorian sex factoids: Something that becomes accepted as a fact, although it is not (or may not be) true; spec. […]

Julian Barnes wins the Booker

I haven’t read Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, and to be honest I don’t feel any great need […]

The Lantern (group read, week 2)

For week 2 we read parts 3 & 4. If you haven’t read these bits of the book then there […]

There is no dog

Imagine that God was a teenage boy, and a spoiled, sulky, sex-crazed one at that. One who became god because […]

The Lantern (group read, week 1)

When Carl first mentioned this group read I said I wouldn’t join in. I’m still on a no buying books […]


Set in the same ‘verse as Doomsday Book and To say nothing of the dog this is a book about […]