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Wall of days

On an island, all alone, the narrator, Bran, lives out his exile. He has been here ten years, time carefully marked out. He is kept busy eac [...]

The Comb | The Sheila Variations

This is how I talk about acting. This is what I notice. Sure, it’s nice to see him in big scenes, and confrontations, and fiercely attacki [...]

The song of Achilles

I seem to be reading a lot of myths, and myth inspired fiction, at the moment. Last it was Norse myths, and not I’m on to Greek myths, [...]

Jenna Marbles, Sluts on Halloween 

Jenna Marbles, Sluts on Halloween . [...]

Yes Squee Can |

Yes Squee Can | [...]

Cinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it’s Cinderella | MetaFilter

You probably know the Perrault version. And chances are, you haven’t been able to escape the Disney yt version. Maybe you know the slightl [...]


Shiny-ness from CONVERTING VEGETARIANS. [...]

dear tom hiddleston;

Awesome pic nabbed from dear tom hiddleston;. [...]

Ragnarok : the end of the gods

Quotes I liked ; Pinterest There was once a girl, an evacuee during the blitz, who read a lot. Myths, legends, religious books. And her favo [...]
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