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October 2011

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On an island, all alone, the narrator, Bran, lives out his exile. He has been here ten years, time carefully marked out. …

This is how I talk about acting. This is what I notice. Sure, it’s nice to see him in big scenes, and confrontations, and fiercely attacking Judy Tyler on the sidewalk in Jailhouse Rock.

But when I think of why I believe Elvis Presley was a natural-born good actor, I think of him cleaning out that comb in King Creole.

→ 29 October 2011

You probably know the Perrault version. And chances are, you haven’t been able to escape the Disney yt version. Maybe you know the slightly-darker Grimm version, or even the original story of Yeh-Shen. Maybe you’re a … → 28 October 2011