Wall of days

On an island, all alone, the narrator, Bran, lives out his exile. He has been here ten years, time carefully marked out. He is kept busy each day by the struggle to survive, but also to report and note everything about this island. How fast it is being eroded. How …

The Comb | The Sheila Variations

This is how I talk about acting. This is what I notice. Sure, it’s nice to see him in big scenes, and confrontations, and fiercely attacking Judy Tyler on the sidewalk in Jailhouse Rock.

But when I think of why I believe Elvis Presley was a natural-born good actor, I think of him cleaning out that comb in King Creole.

via The Comb | The Sheila Variations.

I love the fact that she can pick out those moments. Too often I can only pick out what is wrong with something, but spotting those little things that make something work, that’s just cool.

Cinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it’s Cinderella | MetaFilter

You probably know the Perrault version. And chances are, you haven’t been able to escape the Disney yt version. Maybe you know the slightly-darker Grimm version, or even the original story of Yeh-Shen. Maybe you’re a fan of musicals, and love Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella or Sondheim’s Into the Woods yt . But chances are, there’s a bit about this classic story you don’t know yet…Cinderella, Cinderella, Night and Day it’s Cinderella | MetaFilter.

Ragnarok : the end of the gods

Quotes I liked ; Pinterest There was once a girl, an evacuee during the blitz, who read a lot. Myths, legends, religious books. And her favourite was the Norse tales. She read and reread them; they spoke to something in her. Because, lets face it, Norse mythology is awesome! Not …

The Lantern (group read, week 3)

This is the final week of our group read of The Lantern, and it was a really good experience. First off because I don’t think I would have read this one without the group prompting me to. And Secondly because I thought about it a lot more than I otherwise …