The adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle : The thing beneath the bed by


  1. Yup, makes me wonder where libraries are stocking it to be honest. I know that if I didn't know about it and was cataloguing it I might think it was for kids. Big mistake there!
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  2. I checked this out from my library because so many RIPpers were talking about it. I thought was cute and horrible in a really amusing way–a pretty cool trick, Mr. Rothfuss. And yay! to RIP for bringing such an unusual little tricky-treat of a book to my attention.

    Good question about how libraries are handling it–I could see really small kids being upset by it, but I think once they hit that stage where they're fascinated by gross stuff (which is, what, 8-ish?), they'd love this. Kids can be pretty bloody-minded, in my experience.

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