Week 1 in the Ripley house


  1. anne

    Oh my god he is SO cute*. And i'm really not much of a dog person.

    * which I uttered out loud when i saw the picture, before I saw your caption. Well played, Fence. Well played.
    Twitter: errenna

    1. Yeah, we were a bit worried about claws as Mew doesn't seem to play without them, or at least so my hands have finally learned. I use toys only now, but slowly slowly, catchy monkey. As the nonsensical saying goes.
      Twitter: ecnef

    1. I am, still a ways to go with the house breaking, and the crying at night. We've decided no more trips downstairs to let him pee at night, so we're preparing for a night of crying.
      Twitter: ecnef

  2. Harlequin

    I was about to say something about my mind boggling at the notion of night-time pee-trips but I see you've already decided to stop that. Have you bought the earplugs yet? :-)

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