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7 April 2011

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Uglies #2

In the world of Uglies once you turn sixteen you also get to turn “pretty”. That is you undergo surgery that’ll get rid of all your old imperfections and instead make you beautiful according to the conventions of evolution and society. In book one Tally was the last of her friends to turn sixteen, and so was left alone when they all turned Pretty and moved to Pretty-town.

Spoiler warning for book one in effect.

prettiesOf course then she made a new friend, got roped into spying for the Specials and even lived in the wilds. Along the way learning that not only did the operation make you pretty, it also made you more tractable and, well, air-headed. And now she is a Pretty herself.

This book gripped me a lot quicker than the first did, maybe because I was familiar with the ‘verse and the setting, and already knew Tally. Despite her being prettified. That being said, I would never say that I loved this book. Tally just doesn’t grab me enough as a main protagonist. And I’m slightly bored with the teenage love triangles that you see everywhere. However there is a much more compelling reason for Tally to have two fellas than in most other stories.

I did enjoy this read. It has plenty of action and intrigue. And I’m interested in seeing where the story goes in the next book.

ISBN: 9781847389077 Other reviews: Basically, I’ll read anything ; Friends and family ; Bellebooks

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