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Watched as part of this year’s Once Upon a Time Quest On-Screen

I’d say almost everyone knows the plot outline to Beauty and the Beast, a father imprisoned by a beast, a daughter who takes her father’s place, and the love that develops and turns the beast into a man. I didn’t need to spoiler hide that, right?

It has, however, been years since I’ve read any of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tales, I remember them vaguely from childhood, but I’d never seen the Disney version before now, although I had heard it highly praised.

And I have to say that I agree with that praise. I really enjoyed the film, it suffers from the usual Disney problems, but even still is was a delight to watch. And I have to give Disney credit, the picture and sound is fantastic on the dvd, and I don’t usually notice that sort of thing.

I loved the design of the beast, especially the fact that he walked around on all fours, and the gothic feel of his castle was wonderful. And Belle was okay too :) Although I do wish that more of the backstory regarding the theft of the rose was told. Afterall, in this version the beast locks up her father for no good reason. The story I remember had him being a guest of the beasts, only to betray that hospitality by stealing a rose for his daughter.

But all in all it is a lovely, lovely story, with some beautiful artwork, and some nice songs. What more do you want from your Disney romances?

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