Bad blogger! No biscuit :(

Well, maybe just the one.

So I moved, is it two weeks ago now? from an apartment to a 3 bed semi-d. In an estate, how suburbian and domestic. I even have a garden now. Every now and then I get the urge to actually garden, but seeing as I never have before, and have no idea where to start, and no actual plants, and no idea as to how long I’ll be here I do very little apart from go, yeah, maybe in a while :) Lady Mew, the cat you will of course recall, who has never shown the slightest interest in going outside now seems to be obsessed with the back garden. Which isn’t fun when you are on the other end of the lead trying to persuade her that coming inside is just as much fun as lying on the concrete watching the birds.

I’m thinking of investing in a spray bottle and pretending that it is raining, or is that too mean and horrible?

Of course moving house means the hassle with getting hooked up to the interwebs & television must be revisited. And seeing as I couldn’t be bothered getting in a land line, and my last crowd won’t work here on account of a “cut cable” I decided to go with one of those mobile internet yokies. I got mine from Meteor, and so far I cannot complain. Course it is slower that the broadband for videos and the like, but I never watched a lot of them. No I just need to get Sky to send me out the card thingy and hopefully I’ll have telly again too. Which’d be nice.

What have all you crowd been up to?

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