The Wise Man’s Fear

ISBN: 9780575088078
The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day two
Read for the Once Upon a Time V reading challenge, see what every one’s been reading on the review site ; Quotes I liked are on Tumblr.

Bast slouched against the long stretch of mahogany bar, bored.

The second book in the Kingkiller Chronicle takes off when book one ended, it is the second day of Kvothe’s tale. Today we learn more about his time in the university, as well as his gap year, for lack of a better word. He heads off to travel and expand his mind.

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Beauty and the Beast

Watched as part of this year’s Once Upon a Time Quest On-Screen

I’d say almost everyone knows the plot outline to Beauty and the Beast, a father imprisoned by a beast, a daughter who takes her father’s place, and the love that develops and turns the beast into a man. I didn’t need to spoiler hide that, right?

It has, however, been years since I’ve read any of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tales, I remember them vaguely from childhood, but I’d never seen the Disney version before now, although I had heard it highly praised.

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The Name of the Wind

ISBN: 9780575087057
Book 1 in The Kingkiller Chronicles
Read for the Once Upon a Time V reading challenge, see what every one’s been reading on the review site ; Quotes I liked are on Tumblr.

It was felling night, and the usual crowd had gathered at the Waystone Inn.

I’m only a month or so late with starting into this year’s Once Upon a Time challenge, but I have to say that I picked a great book to start off with. The Name of the Wind begins in an inn, with an almost traditionally epic fantasy feel to it. Kote the innkeeper is a stranger to the area, and the inn, The Waystone, isn’t doing great business. But one night the smith’s apprentice bursts in the door, covered in blood, and with a strange spider-like creature that he claims killed his horse. Kote recognises this, but then again, he has seen more of the world than the farmers, tied to the land. But Kote is much more than he at first appears. He knows there must be more of these creatures, and when he goes, alone, to look for, and deal with them he comes across Chronicler. This scribe has been lured to this backwater searching for a rumour. And the rumour is Kote, or, Kvothe, as the stories know him.

Kote makes a deal with the scribe, he will tell him his story, but no scribe will alter a word of his, and it will be now or never. And it will take three days. The first days telling gives us The Name of the Wind.

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April Spotlight

Yes, it is slightly more than a month since my last *monthly* spotlight on post. But what can I say? I’m nothing if not predictable in my not sticking to my own timetable :)

Oliver Jeffers was born in Belfast, he now lives in Brooklyn, and he has won many many awards for his art and his books. He has written & illustrated a number of books, two in particular I love and adore. The first, Lost and found is the story of a boy, and penguin who may, or may not, be lost. It has been made into a short film[1] that is simply wonderful. The other book his that I love is The heart and the bottle.

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ISBN: 9780701186029

Our mother performed in starlight.

Ava Bigtree lives in Swamplandia! with her family. They wrestle alligators in front of tourists for a living. Until recently Ava’s mother Hillola was the star of the show, her moonlight swim through the gator pond was always a hit with the audience. But then she got sick, and died. And Grandpa Sawtooth has been taken to the old folk’s home. Tourist numbers are down, and things are only getting worse. Chief Bigtree, Ava’s father, goes off to the mainland on a business trip looking for investors, and Ava’s older brother Kiwi has abandoned the swamp, taking a job with the arch-enemy, The World of Darkness, a more modern and lucrative amusement park. And now Ava’s sister is dating ghosts.

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Bad blogger! No biscuit :(

Well, maybe just the one. So I moved, is it two weeks ago now? from an apartment to a 3 bed semi-d. In an estate, how suburbian and domestic. I even have a garden now. Every now and then I get the urge to actually garden, but seeing as I never have before, and have […]

Son of heaven

#1 in the Chung Kuoseries

A thin layer of mist wreathed the meadows all the way to reeds that traced the meandering path of the river.

It is the year 2064, twenty years or so since The Collapse, which saw society almost wiped out. People are living subsistence lives. In England Jake has learned to get by without technology, and his son, Peter, never knew of such things as the internet or even radio. But during the collapse those who survived learned quickly not to trust strangers. And now there are reports or refugees and bandits on the move. No one knows why, but prices are on the rise, as are tensions.

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Rainbow Pie

a memoir of Redneck America ISBN: 9781846272578 Before picking this book up I’d never heard of Bageant, and in the middle of reading it I learned from Metafilter that he had died, cancer. And that he was a well-known voice of “Redneck America”. In many ways this book reminded me of Harriette Arnow’s The Dollmaker, […]


Uglies #2

In the world of Uglies once you turn sixteen you also get to turn “pretty”. That is you undergo surgery that’ll get rid of all your old imperfections and instead make you beautiful according to the conventions of evolution and society. In book one Tally was the last of her friends to turn sixteen, and so was left alone when they all turned Pretty and moved to Pretty-town.

Spoiler warning for book one in effect.

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