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12 February 2011

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Some things start before other things.

Tiffany Aching lives up on The Chalk of Discworld, in a rural shepherding community. She was the youngest of her family, until the baby brother was born, now she spends much of her time minding him. She is looking after him when something decidedly odd occurs, a strange monster leers out of the stream. Puzzled, she uses her brother as bait, before smacking Jenny Green-teeth back to wherever it was she came from. Not that she intended her brother to be harmed, but she did her research and knew what has to be done. But this is merely the beginning, and soon Tiffany is mixed up in a whole heap of more trouble as she sets off to rescue her brother from the clutches of the Queen of Fairyland.


And did I mention the Nac Mac Feegles, a clan of the Wee Free Men, who recognise Tiffany as a haig and not be crossed?
wee free menNo, well, I should have. They do make the title of the book though, so you really shouldn’t have been surprised by them showing up.

This is a wonderfully enjoyable book. And like all TP’s books there is so much going on that it can be heard to point to one single thing that I really enjoyed, because there are too many options. Tiffany is dealing with growing up, with losing her granny, with possibly being too logical and unfeeling, with trying to save the world, with thinking she isn’t as loved or lovable as others, with the responsibility of looking after others, of not being believed. And of course, keeping the Wee Free Men in line.

And did I mention that she is only 9.

Wonderful book. Simply wonderful. Off you go and read it.

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