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One of the nice things about working in a library & processing all those new books is that you come across titles you normally never would. For instance I don’t often check out the picture book section of book shops. Or at least, I didn’t before I started working in a library. Because once you’ve opened a few of them, and flicked through them, you really do come to love some of them. So I’m hoping to start a new monthly feature on this blog where I highlight an author or illustrator that I’ve come across and really liked.

And I’m starting with Emily Gravett

Gravett’s Official site is flash heavy, as many artists sites tend to be, and the images are, unfortunately quite small. However it is still worth a visit.

Her first book that really jumped out at me was Dogs. Which is, as you may have guessed from the title all about dogs. Big dogs, and little dogs. Furry dogs and hairless dogs.

Stoppy dogs & soppy dogs

I just love the style of her pictures. But it isn’t just dogs she is wonderful at, I never would have thought a chameleon could have made for a particularly cute book, but I guess I was wrong. Poor lonely Blue Chameleon:

The Blue Chameleon

You can search inside many of Gravett’s books on amazon for some more wonderful pictures & stories.

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