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23 December 2010

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Six years ago NASA launched a probe to investigate the possibility of life in outer space, but upon re-entry the probe broke up. The samples ended up landing on earth. Now every year sees the creatures migratory paths taking them into conflict with their human neighbours. And every year the US’s attempts to maintain the border of the infected zone come under threat. As the film begins Samantha is in Mexico, on the other side of the infected zone. Her hotel was damaged in a creature incursion and her father asks an employee, photo-journalist Andrew Caulder, to check in on her. She’s fine, a sprained wrist seems to be the extent of her injuries. But daddy wants his little girl home so he orders Andrew to bring her back.

monstersI went into this film with no expectations whatsoever. It was a film I knew nothing about apart from the fact that it was on at the right time. Must do more research next time because this film left me ever so bored. I mean, I figured out pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be an action-packed alien attacking flick, and for a few moments I felt as though it might be a interesting premise. But if you are going to have a character based drama then you really should try and have characters who are somewhat interesting. But these two?

First off I was left wondering why exactly Mr. Wynden thought that Andrew would be such a great escort. He can’t even speak Spanish for god’s sake, relying on Sam to translate his questions. How is that supposed to be useful. And why does Sam instantly look to him for answers. She doesn’t know him. Why does she immediately trust his judgement? Is it because he is a big strong man and she’s just a spoiled little rich girl? Cause that’s all the character I got out of this film. And while they may be off-screen partners I got no chemistry from them, which meant the so-called love story aspect of this film left me cold.

I did like the scene where the pair attempt to buy tickets to leave Mexico, where the local businessman extorts a huge price out of them. Twice.

But overall I was bored. I would have been a lot more interested in a film that dealt with the Mexicans who were living with these alien creatures next to them. But no, we gotta have the struggle of the visitors to get home instead. The stupid visitors who mess up so much that they don’t deserve to get home if you ask me. And then, towards the end of the film we get a horrible little conversation about how different America looks from the outside. Was someone trying to shoe-horn in some sort of a message? Bleurgh.

I guess you can colour me unconvinced by this film. Unconvined and bored. Actually it reminded me a little of Right at your door in that there is this extraordinary event made so commonplace and boring.

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7 Responses

  1. Kathleen says:

    Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy this one more. It sounds like the story had promise that just wasn't realized by the film that got made.

  2. Kelly says:

    Ooh, I'm glad I read your review! I just put the movie on my Netflix queue, and while I still might try it, at least now I can go in with aaalll my eyes open.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..On goodbyes and hellos