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  1. anne

    Two things – first, oh you sell it so well I really want to read this now. BUT I love both those authors and I'm not sure I can take the negative vibe… Can I, Fence, can I?!

    Second, you're linking to Pajiba?! That makes me so proud. ;)
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    1. Well I did feel that Collins in particular was very hard done by, so have picked up a book by him and added it to Mt. TBR to see what he is like.

      But if you can ignore that then it is, in many ways, a fascinating read.
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  2. I read this book in Oct and I agree with a lot of what you said. I loved the dark, gothic, gaslit London but I didn't like how the characters were portrayed…..it was hard for me to seriously consider either a murderer but it was still a fun read. For me it did drag bit in the middle….it was hard to stay focused and I was wanting more build up. And the ending seemed rushed and like there wasn't really an ending :(
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