The Village dir. by


  1. I love this film. I'm not really sure why it has a bad stigma associated with it. Like you said, the cinematography is beautiful, and everything fits perfectly with the autumnal style. Phoenix and Howard are both excellent characters, and Brody does exceptional at playing the idiot. Personally, the score is among the best soundtrack of any film released, rivaling the Lord of the Rings or Last of the Mohicans. I could listen to the chilling strings and jarring orchestra and never tire of this soundtrack.

    Great review! You've got me wanting to watch the movie again.
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    1. Hi logankstewart, or is it just logan :)

      It is a very pretty film but I think it is a bit lacking in the whole plot and once you think too much about it it begins to fall apart. But it is so pretty I just don't mind.
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  2. I think this is a good movie, I'm not going to say that this is a great movie. I quite enjoy it. After watching it, I read that the movie was reviewed badly. I admit that The Village is not as great as The 6th sense, but it was good.

    Too bad, Shimalayan seems to be fallen in each his new movies.

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