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For this year’s RIP challenge Carl has suggested that as well as reading horror-ific books we might also watch some suitable films and to get the ball rolling on my RIP films I decided to rewatch M. Night Shymalan’s The Village.

I quite enjoyed it the first time around. I don’t seem to recall having been all that surprised by any of the so-called twists or reveals, but it was an enjoyable film.

And likewise on the second veiwing.

Obviously I knew the reveals before they happened so I wasn’t bothered by that aspect of the film. Instead I just sat back and enjoyed the pretty pictures :). I really do like the look of this film. And isn’t it just wonderfully autumnal and Halloween-esque. The shade of yellow they chose is just perfect. As is the contrast with the “bad colour”. And Those We Do Not Speak Of look graet. Excellend creature design.

Okay, so the story itself doesn’t make a whole heap of sense. And really you have to wonder why Show Spoiler ▼

But poking holes in such a threadbare plot isn’t too much fun. And it isn’t why I rewatched The Village.

I think that maybe it is a pity that Shymalan has such control over his projects. The central concept could maybe have been adapted to make a much better film, but while this had great visuals, some adorable characters, and some great acting, it just never managed to tie everything together in a way that worked. Nevertheless I still enjoyed my second viewing of this film. It is wonderfull atmospheric, with some great creppy moments, and perfect for Hallowe’en.

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