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13 October 2010

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It is the last day of school at “Old Central”, the building is being decommissioned and after the summer holidays the children will be going to a new school. Tubby Coakes isn’t about to hang around for the final bell. He has his bathroom pass and isn’t about to go back to class. Unfortunately for Tubby his explorations are going to get him killed. And for many of his classmates the end of Old Central is the start of a summer of horror and death.

ISBN: 0446362662I’m on a bit of a Dan Simmons kick this year. I think that this is the fourth book by him that I’ve read. This one is the most straightforward of the Simmons’ books that I’ve picked up. In many ways it reminded me of Stephen King’s It; a town with a past, a group of young boys out to solve the mystery of the disappearing children.
Of course, it has been ages since I read It and I know I don’t recall even half the details, but it strikes a chord, atmosphere-wise.

And like most of King’s books, this is a good solid read. A straightforward horror maybe, but nothing wrong with that. I also found it a very visual book, it would probably work well as a film. However it did feel a little long. I think the story could have kicked into gear a little earlier. There was a tad to much build-up. And I really wasn’t sure about one of the characters and his view on his mother and all women. But all in all this was a good entertaining read. Perfect for this year’s RIP challenge.

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2 Responses

  1. Kailana says:

    I keep starting books by Simmons, really enjoying them, but never finishing them… This one is not one of them, but before I attempt it I need to finish something by him!