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4 October 2010

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This is a supposed comedy in which a mall cop tries to get together with the “hot girl” and stop a flasher and find out who is stealing from the mall and also join the real police. I hated it. Hated and despised it. With a fiery fiery passion.

I blame he-who-blogged-once-and-then-never-again because he brought it into my home.

Honestly I found nothing at all redeeming about this film. The main character is meant to be a manic-depressive, low achieving asshole and he certainly pulls off the asshole part of the character. As for low-achieving, well he doesn’t even hit that mark. So I guess you could say that Rogen did a good job. But why anyone would want to try and play the role of a racist, sexist, self-centered, person-hating, selfish ignorant fuck I just don’t know.

There are no redeeming characters in this entire film. No one at all likeable, or interesting, or entertaining. No on at all that wasn’t a terrible terrible caricature of a stereotype. Really I cannot emphasize just how much I did not enjoy this film. It offended me on every level. The characters were offensive. The lack of humour in what was supposed to be a comedy offended me. The crap-ness of it all was offensive. It sucked so hard!

In short I guess I’m hoping that no one else ever watches this rubbish.

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