Myths about suicide by


  1. Fence, I am SO happy to see this book, and equally happy that you're recommending it. It bugs me every time I hear someone talk about how 'selfish' it is for this person or that to have committed suicide, when truly, selfishness has nothing to do with it. The person has just come to the end of their resources; they truly can't cope any longer. It sounds as if the author has gone a long way toward encouraging more compassion than judgment for these poor souls. My heart goes out to them. I'm going to look for the book!
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  2. Did you read 13 Reasons Why, the YA book by Jay Asher? Fanstatic. 13 Reasons why a young girls commots suicide, meaning 13 ways people let her down. Funny enough it is not a sad book. For really sad reasons this is a topic I have always been interested in. For weird reasons we have a huge number of suicides in my family. There are so many reasons why a person would take his/her life. Rasing awareness is so important. Thanks for this review.
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