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30 October 2010

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An Alexia Tarabotti novel, The Parasol Protectorate: Book the Second
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If you haven’t yet read Soulless then I am afraid that this review will contain spoilers. It is the second book in a series after all. However, the spoilers are, in a way, not spoilers, because you pretty much knew what was going to happen simply because of the conventions of a romance. But nevertheless, consider your self warned.

Soulless ended with Alexia becoming Lady Maccon[1] after marrying Conall Maccon, as well as muhjah to Queen Victoria. Muhjah being the traditional preternatural advisor to the monarch, alongside a hiveless vampire and a packless werewolf. Changeless begins with her husband disappearing off to Scotland after his old pack. A strange lack of supernatural ability in London. And Alexia following Conall to Scotland on the trail of whatever caused the temporary supernatural-less-ness. And she travels on a dirigible. How very steampunk!


Changeless by Gail Carriger

This series is just so much fun. I really enjoyed every moment of it. Although I do wish that Alexia had some capable female friends. I mean Ivy is all very well as a comic foil, but she does play her part as the overly sensitive Victorian fainting woman a little too well. But I’m being picky, because there are some straight-forward and more than capable women in this book. They just may not be all that friendly towards Alexia.

I do enjoy the banter between the characters, especially Alexia and her husband, however, you do understand why many people don’t see their as a love match.

The one issue I did have with this book was the ending. First of all, it was easy to predict that Show Spoiler ▼

I do hate cliff-hanger endings. Hate them hate them hate them! Luckily enough I have the next book on hand, so it isn’t much of a cliff-hanger to me. But I do hope that book 3 doesn’t end in such a too be continued fashion.

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  1. I prefer her maiden name, Maccon makes me think of macaroons

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