Scott Pilgrim vs. the World dir. by

12 September 2010

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Scott Pilgrim is dating a highschooler. A 17-teen year old Chinese Canadian highschooler to be precise. But then he encounters Ramona Flowers and becomes a nice guy dick and starts seeing her too. But Ramona has a past, 7 evil exes, and for some reason Scott must fight and defeat them all.

Are you getting the impression that I didn’t really enjoy this film?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

Scott Pilgrm vs. the world

It looked great. And I did enjoy the nods to computer game-play and geekery. But it was very much a case of style over substance. There was no plot. Okay, so Scott had to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes, but for what reason? Show Spoiler ▼

I just didn’t get that bit of the storyline at all!

And then there was the fact that Scott was an asshole. He was a dick fooling himself into believing that he was a nice guy. Of course I mean that he was a Nice Guy®[1] and so an ass-hole.

Also, it was boring. And I really think that that is the greatest crime that an action-ish film can commit. The viewer needs to be entertained by what is on screen, even if that is only in the most “switch-off-your-brain” Crank/Fast and the Furious sort of way. This film just repeated itself. And yes, I know that that is a nod to the whole computer game yoke where you do different levels and sorta go through the same general outline only with harder bosses to defeat, but this isnt a game, it is a film. And for me it just didn’t work.

Also, there were no characters in it. None at all. They were all just stereotypes. Scott was the Nice Guy indie-loser-but-hero; Ramona was the unobtainable female, the reward for our hero; then there was the gay friend; the “exotic” girlfriend; the evil ex-girlfriend who destroyed out hero in the past. Blah blah blah. Actually writing this review I find myself liking it even less. When I came out I was prepared to say that it was sorta enjoyable in that the style is entertaining even if the story isn’t. But after thinking[2] about it sufficiently to write up this review I’ve come to the conclusion that I really didn’t like it.

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  1. definition of a nice guy
  2. for a certain value of thinking

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2 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Oh noes! I enjoyed this immensely (as did the vast number of (obvious) geeks i was at the movies with). The movie is based on a comic/graphic novel (whatever), i think, so the plot (or lack thereof) does make sense to me, in a way.

    Also, Michael Cera shows that he *potentially* can do something *ever so slightly* different from *just* Michael Cera. Which, you know. Is something to look forward to. One day.

    But i do agree with you that, despite its incredible look, the movie is far from perfect, and not just because the characters are on the flimsy side.

    • Fence says:

      I haven't read the comics, so maybe it makes more sense if you have. At least there is *more* there.

      I think I was quite disappointed by it. All flash and no bang :)