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8 August 2010

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I really loved Ilium when I read it in June so was looking forward to this, the sequel. And it kicks off right where we left the story in the first book. Unfortunately it just didn’t work as well. All through this book I was interested in what was going on, but never gripped, never fascinated or engaged by it. Merely hmm, that’s interesting.

That being said there are some great reasons for reading this book. Ilium is a great read, and this continues that story and brings it to conclusion. I quite liked the banter between the two morevacs. And there is a lot more explanation of who and what characters are, as well as where they came from, so you can know if you figured it all our correctly in Ilium. And the idea is a great one.

Olympos - Dan Simmons

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That, in essence is the plot of Olympos, not really spoilers, but if you haven’t started Ilium then you shouldn’t know any of that. But it is a great idea that was wonderfully used in Ilium, maybe because you were so busy trying to figure out what on earth was going on, but also because it was engaging and well written. Somehow it all just slips away in Olympus and escapes from Simmons’ grasp, turning into a bit of a long-winded average read.

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