More new books

Yes, I’m adding yet more to the tbr pile, I am doomed! Doomed I tells ya. But they were free so even if I never read them I’m still doing fine :)

I've read this one already, but don't own it, and look at that pretty green cover...
Another Aubrey/Maturin book, always fun
I read a Zane Grey western many years ago, and have fond memories of it, so thought I'd give another a chance
I enjoyed Do Butlers Burgle Banks so much that I couldn't leave this to end up in the bin
Pam & Anne have both recommended Mitchell over on Books Are Dangerous so I simply had to try him
I also picked up The Tallystick and other stories by Bryan MacMahon. But I can’t find a good image of my copy online, so you’ll have to use your own imagination. I read The Storyman a few years back and have always meant to read more by him.

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