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Week 383

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The absolute Sandman vol. 1

Where do you start when trying to review a collection like this? I really have no idea. I was going to give up before I even began; admit [...]

2010 #12

Lady Mew goes for a walk [...]

Teaser Tuesday

One day a stranger came to the city. Tall he was, and dressed all in black; flames danced in the blackness of his robe, and his eyes were st [...]

Badger badger badger badger … skull….

Have I mentioned before that I really really love Ursula Vernon's art? [...]

Monsters of men

Author: Patrick Ness ; Bk 3 in Chaos Walking trilogy. The final book in a series can often be a tough one to read and enjoy. On the one han [...]

What would you do

ABC's new show "What Would You Do?" set up a series of couples acting out being in a abusive relationship. [...]

Another teaser Wednesday

That's the nasty, nasty secret of war- When yer winning- When yer winning, it's ruddy thrilling- [...]

Victory of eagles

Author: Naomi Novik Temeraire series #5

I hesitated before starting this book, wondering if I should reread the others in the series, [...]

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