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22 April 2010

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based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar & John Romita Jr.
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    Kick-ass dir by Matthew Vaughn

    With all the people out there who love comic books, with all those millions of people who love superheroes, why hasn’t anyone ever tried it. That’s what Dave Lizewski wonders. It isn’t that he thinks it is sensible, but surely it stands to reason that someone, somewhere will try it? Or has tried it? Well, why not him. So he goes online and buys a scuba diving suit, and low and behold, Kick-ass is born. Things do not go well for him. He’s a weedy teenager out on his own trying to fit the bad guys. He gets his ass kicked, on more than one occasion, but he also gets famous. And comes to the attention of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, two real superheroes who know enough about their job to keep themselves totally secret. Did I mention that Hit-Girl is like eleven or something?

The first thing I thought to myself when this film ended was, hmmm, a couple of years ago and that would have been an 18s cert, no mistake. However this “Strong, bloody violence, strong language and moderate sexual content.” rates a 16 cert in these times. Probably because of the moderate sexual content, remember boys and girls, violence is only a little naughty, sex is “teh evil”.

end derail.
Kick-ass is a genuinely entertaining film. Once you don’t mind ott violence and blood and gore, that is. If you do then this is not a film for you. But if you get the fact that a huge part of a super-hero’s job description involves hurting other people then you’ll have a better chance of liking this. To be totally honest some of the deaths were a little too much, especially if you want an audience to empathise with your characters.

But the main positive about this film is Hit-Girl. She is so cool. And isn’t it great to see a female character who is taken seriously in her own right, not just as an addition to the main male star! Not very realistic perhaps, to have a child fight an adult, but it somehow just works here.

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3 Responses

  1. weenie says:

    I caught Kick-Ass whilst I was out in HK, loved it, the comedy, the violence. It was hard watching a child get beaten up though but it wasn't as if it wasn't part of the story. It got the equivalent of an 18 cert out there incidentally.

  1. 22 April 2010

    […] Susan Hated Literature Post: Kick-ass by Fence: “Once you don’t mind ott violence and blood and gore, that is. If you do then […]