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23 February 2010

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ISBN: 9781841497761
Book 10 in the Otherworld series[1] .

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You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helper

It has been ages since I’ve read any of Armstrong’s books. I think I sorta faded away from them with Broken. But that was way back in 2006, she’s had four more books in the series out since then, as well as some YA books in the ‘verse, not to mention the ooodles of short stories. And while these books are pretty far removed from the cannon there is something so enjoyable about them.

I’ve missed three books, in which time Show Spoiler ▼

but I figured that, or something very like it would happen, so I’m not too upset at having missed the big event :) Usually I don’t like to skip books in a series, but I couldn’t resist when I spotted this at work. The plot revolves around Elena & Clay heading off to Alaska to investigate the possibility of mutts murdering people. Mutts being werewolves that aren’t member of The Pack[2] but they discover something a little bit more than they’d expected.

To be honest the story isn’t fantastic. And the writing isn’t great. But it isn’t supposed[3] to be. Instead what you have is just a good fun read. I’ve really enjoyed Elena since way back in Bitten and although she has mellowed with ages she’s still a pretty entertaining character. And while in most of the books Clay is only a supporting character, on account of Elena’s narration, we do get to know him pretty well through her eyes, as well as through some of the online stories.

It’s a book that kept me up til 2 cause I just didn’t want to put it down, so I guess you could call it among my page-turners. :)

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