I’m Captain François Blaze Martin of the Seablaze. You can call me Blaze.

27 January 2010

Sometimes looking at my Statcounter details I’m a little icked out. I mean fanfic is all well and good, but Brian O’Driscoll fanfic! I just can’t get my head around that. Real people are real. You can’t fanfic them. At least not around here. This is a royal decree. Possibly a papal one. Or a presidential one. Whichever one you pay attention to.

MwahahaBut sometimes “how people got here” stats make you smile[1] Yesterday someone arrived looking for the Night Travels of the Elven Vampire which I only ever mentioned way back in 2004. If you weren’t around back then you really need to read this review. And then you’ll want to read all about how the author[2] has repackaged[3] Night Travels[4] into a brand spanking new book[5] called Eternity of Blood[6] Although this time it seems to have more porn.


  1. smile! I decree it
  2. if this is an accurate description
  3. part of me feels a little bad that the snark made her pull all trace of it from existence
  4. a very very small part
  5. and Im *so* over my previous regret
  6. An extract! An extract

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