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Ethan Hawke & Willem Dafoe in Daybreakers
Ethan Hawke & Willem Dafoe in Daybreakers

This film is utterly meh-worthy. It isn’t entertaining enough to be enjoyable, but isn’t bad enough to merit a walk-out. You’ll most likely forget about it two minutes after you leave the cinema. It’s supposed to be an “original” take on the vamp movie I suppose, with its vampires running the world and humans and endangered species almost extinct. And it could have been interesting, I mean if everyone is a vampire and lives forever, then what happens next? I’d say the opening scene with the girl-vampire is the best in the film, but it seems fairly unrelated to the rest of the film, which is a bog-standard action/sci-fi/horror flick. Nothing at all stands out as worth mentioning.

Even the blood and gore is meh.

So I guess you might say that I don’t really recommend this film. Not even to peruse at a later date on dvd, not unless you simply much watch a vampire film and you’ve seen everything else. It isn’t even bad enough to laugh at. Well, one slo-mo scene of horror is, but the rest of it? Nah, I wouldn’t be arsed.

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