My life as a rhombus by

21 October 2009

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ISBN: 9780738711607

I don’t tutor high school students.

It’s funny. I’ve never read any books by Justine Larbaleister but I read her blog and when she recommended My life as a rhombus I guess I was feeling in a suggestible mood because I ordered it right then. And I’m glad I did; its a good solid read, engaging enough to make me delay setting out for the train last Friday evening until I finished it. Course then I had to reread the last chapter because I’d skim-read so much of it.

Still, it was a really enjoyable read, the protag, Rhonda is far from perfect, but she is very real and very believable. All the characters are very real I’d have to say. And the use of the maths formulae and trivia was well done. It could easily have been a gimmick, and I suppose in a way it was, but nevertheless it worked well.

The plot revolves around 2 girls; one was once part of the “popular set” but fell out of favour. The other is part of that clique but needs help with her maths. And with other things too. And of course there are boys and teenage dramas, because that’s what life is when you are a teenager. Or so I’ve heard. I was never one ;)

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