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14 August 2009

So I disappeared again. And then, when I reappeared I discovered I’d been hacked[1] and my site was busy redirecting peoples to malware sites[2] Bloody hackers! But I think I’m all good now[3] Passwords changed, wordpress updated, exploit plugin scanning deployed. But fer feck’s sake hackers, it isn’t like this is some big old site with hundreds[4] of readers. What was the point?

But before I go any further I simply *must*[5] link to Glowpinkstah because seriously she is teh awesome! And if you only watch one youtube video today, make it this one.

So lets see, what’s been going on in my life?

Went to the Horse Show last week which was fun apart from the fact that we sucked and came third last. But still, all the purty hosses.

And I’m busy procrastinating instead of planning for my holiday to NY. I have the guide books, now all I must do is read them. I’m not totally without research, I have begun. My list so far of possible site to visit includes…

  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. Ellis Island

Okay, that’s a slight under-ation[6] I have more than that, but only by a teeny tiny amount. But tomorrow is another day and I really really really really will make plans. Either that or I won’t. It’ll most likely go one of those two ways.

Or alternatively you all could give me suggestions. What must I see? Or what must I avoid. Anne, you live there, you must know. The hotel is on Lexington and 51st.

I did have something else to say. Earthshattering, no doubt, but alack and alas I have misremembered what it was that it was so I’ll say nowt.

Today’s title comes courtesy of Buddha.


  1. booooooo
  2. booo and hisssss
  3. fingers crossed. I got google to recheck and it is all good. So far.
  4. or even tens
  5. I really must. She is here with a gun pointed at my head and who am I to argue with that
  6. is there a real opposite of exageration. Understatement just doesn’t work for me

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2 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Darling. I still haven't done Ellis Island, which goes to show how much i know.

    How long are you staying (and, as far as *i'm* concerned, WHEN???), because that's going to determine what to and what not to, innit?

    The balcony of the Statue of Liberty is now open, so yes, why not (book in advance if you can. Early in the day, too.) Ellis Island is apparently extremely interesting. The Bronx zoo is really cool, but not necessarily a NY thing… Museums? They're not *too* far from where you're staying, so i would at least walk to them…

    Central Park, obvs. Brooklyn Bridge and Promenade. West Village for the prettiness, Soho for the shopping, Times Square for the experience… I have no idea.

    It all depends on what kind of trip you want – cultured, or not. Also, you're into sports, so if baseball season isn't over by then, so you should probably combine Coney Island/Brighton Beach with a Minor League game – they're cheaper.

    What else? A hot dog from a street cart, bagels, NY pizza…?

    If you want to see a Broadway show, make sure you try all avenues for cheaper tickets. I'm sure your guides will give you some, and once i have your dates, i can try to help.

    Let me know!

  2. Fence says:

    We're only there for a week, so we're not going to try and see everything. We'd just end up totally wiped. We arrive on Tues 8th Sept and we should have time for wandering around as we get in fairly early. And we leave on Tues 15th, in the evening, so we have that day too.

    So far our definites are:

    Natural History Museum

    Toys R Us

    plus a wander round Time Square

    Empire State Building

    Bronx Zoo, we're guessing this'll take up most of a day

    A show on Broadway, or summat

    Maybe Coney Island. A helicopter/airplane tour yoke.