We all fall down

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  1. haha! i can't imagine what magcyger must be like after al these years! i vaguely remember the one with the ants, although, it might be an implanted memory (not implanted by anyone sinister or anything (probably) but more likely by me thinking i have seen it because you said you saw it and i thought i saw it – which i really think i did, but like a story your mom tells you about when you were 2, i won't be able to conjure up any memories save for the ones that you can "remind me of")

    i'm really sorry about your cold. this winter has been a real stinker for colds! having one is bad enough but no-one, especially not people i know (people i don't know can have as many colds as i like (or they don't lke), until i know them that is (unless i don't like them, of course, in which case it'd be a cool cruel wish to wish on people)).

    anyway, urm, yes. hope it goes quickly! it really is yucky having a slimy slug in your nose (who knows! maybe you DID once have a slimy slug in your nose when you were very little and your mom told you about, which is why you associate this cold with it…?)

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