We all fall down

9 January 2009


The first cold of 2009 has struck. And so soon after the last one of 2008! Life just isn’t fair. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be the flu, cause that’d suck. Majorly. At the moment it feels like there is a slimy slug living in the back of my nose. Yeah, that is a gross idea, but seriously that’s what it feels like.

Although how I’d know that seeing as I’ve never had a slimy slug living in my nose I just don’t know.

Speaking of the gross I’m watching MacGyver on the telly. Not that that is disgsting, I used to love this show when I was a kid, and Richard Dean Anderson is just coolness ;) But it is the episode with the ants. The army of ants eating everything in their path. The horror!

This is an episode that I’ve always remembered, guess it must have been effective. The other one that stands out in my mind is the one with the rhino poachers. Go on MacGyver, save the world!

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1 Response

  1. jean pierre says:

    haha! i can't imagine what magcyger must be like after al these years! i vaguely remember the one with the ants, although, it might be an implanted memory (not implanted by anyone sinister or anything (probably) but more likely by me thinking i have seen it because you said you saw it and i thought i saw it – which i really think i did, but like a story your mom tells you about when you were 2, i won't be able to conjure up any memories save for the ones that you can "remind me of")

    i'm really sorry about your cold. this winter has been a real stinker for colds! having one is bad enough but no-one, especially not people i know (people i don't know can have as many colds as i like (or they don't lke), until i know them that is (unless i don't like them, of course, in which case it'd be a cool cruel wish to wish on people)).

    anyway, urm, yes. hope it goes quickly! it really is yucky having a slimy slug in your nose (who knows! maybe you DID once have a slimy slug in your nose when you were very little and your mom told you about, which is why you associate this cold with it…?)