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Month: January 2009

2009 #4

I’m a bit late with this weekly photo, I know, its pretty much time for number 5. But its been…

2009 #3

Yes we can!

I should get up off my arse and go pee. So America has a new president. Congrats all. Wish we…

2009 #2 by

Cause everyone needs a photo of the Ha’penny bridge (click on photo for full size)

Gran Torino dir. by

This is an odd film. Hard to write about because there are so many different ways to take it. On…

The Reader [based on the book by] by dir. by

based on book, Der Vorleser. In Germany, 1958, Michael Berg is feeling unwell. He wanders through the streets for a…

We all fall down

The first cold of 2009 has struck. And so soon after the last one of 2008! Life just isn’t fair….

2009 #1 dir. by

Ilario: the lion’s eye by

ISBN: 9780575080416 ; Delicious links We are so often a disappointment to the parents who abandon us. This is a…

Happy New Year

How did you all get on over the holidays? I say that as though my holidays were over, but that…

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