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19 November 2008

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This is an odd sort of a film. I mean, it clearly isn’t meant to be full of praise for George W. Bush. But at the same time it is almost gentle in its treatment of him. Presenting him as a somewhat simple-minded, but well-intentioned, fool. With Daddy Issues.

The film cuts back and forward in time. From W. as a drunk, to W. as president. It looks at his relationship with his father. With that decision not to go after Saddam in the first Gulf War and W.’s insistence that America do so in the second. And every so often inter-cutting W. and his love of baseball.

I enjoyed it. I suppose. But it really isn’t anything special. The acting is all fine and well, but it lacks any real sort of insight. If you are going to have a character-study, even a humourous one, then you really need to study the main character. Instead we seem to get a collection of scenes from George W. Bush’s life. Maybe we’re supposed to provide the analysis ourselves, I dunno, it just didn’t really work for me.

One to save for the dvd release I think.

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2 Responses

  1. jean pierre says:

    hmm… well, you very often confirm my instincts, fency. i thought this would be pretty much as you described it.

    i guess the oddest thing, for me, is the film's treatment of bush. and i think you've captured it perfectly when you say it was gentle. i just don't know how much we can relate to or tolerate that can of portrayal of him right now.

    maybe one day we'll look back and we'll be able to laugh affectionately about him? but i don't know if i can now. to me a gentle treatment of that bloke would be appropriate if he were some innocuous old avuncular figure, but he's far from that.

  2. Fence says:

    Yeah, I think maybe we needed more time between W. being in office and this film. I mean, he is still President of the USofA. So the film has no ending, you know. We're too close I guess