Happy Diwali

Man its cold today. Cold cold cold. And that rain! Its verging on sleet so it is. Did no one tell the weather that it is still only October? But sure we’ll cope. Somehow. Possibly by using coats, scarves and maybe even gloves. And hats. Hats might be utilized in some manner.

But then again I am possibly looking on the positive side of life as my working week ends soon. Less than two hours, to be precise. Mwaahaahaa. For the wonder that is taking random days off. I loves it.

Plus I need a break from the students and their craziness. And their lack of ability to do anything for themselves. I mean how many post-secondary students do you know who have trouble closing doors? Yeah, I really do wish I was kidding, but nope. I aint.

I am however exaggerating. Cause the door handle does stick a little. But not so much that it needs to be opened and closed 10 times as you try to figure out how to make it stay closed. Oh students, sometimes I wonder that you ever found your way to college at all at all.

Also, yes, Diwali was yesterday, but did I blog then? Nope. So deal. And stuff.

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