Don’t worry about nothing cause it won’t take long

There I was, channel surfing last night, and what did I come across, only the bestest news in the world eveh! That’s right, New Kids On The Block are back! Touring. And coming to Ireland. The excitement is incroyable.

I’m even half tempted to go. I mean, apart from the fact that they’re crap, and I only remember two of their songs, and the concert’d be full of other saddos like me either approaching or in their 30’s, what possible reason could I have not to go. Oh NKOTB, memories are made of you! Oh yeah, there is also the fact that while €44 aint bad for a concert, I’m really not willing to shell out that much on memories.

But still, it pleases me that, if I really wanted to, I could go.

looking at them I think I'm right to just say no
looking at them I think I'm right to just say no

Obviously today’s title is brought to you by New Kids on the Block and their wonderful song Hanging Tough

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