There are many apostrophe’s

30 May 2008

Yes. I know. No need to say it. I’m well aware that the plural does not take an apostrophe. But I don’t think anyone told the ad designers for Mexico’s tourist campaign as plastered across many many of Dublin’s buses is the slogan “There are many Mexico’s”.


Oh, and in case you were wondering the “quick links” category idea is gestolen from here and here. Basically it is a collection of links that I either think are interesting, or that I want to read at a later date. So I’m bookmarking them with and that then automatically posts them here once a day. How much fun is that[2]


  1. – Im also aware that I am the last person that should be pointing out such flaws as there are probably a billion similar ones on this blog. But then again, I dont get paid for this
  2. – possibly none

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3 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    I haven't had the misfortune of seeing those buses, but those sorts of mistakes drive me crazy. And they really are everywhere.

    There's a woman who calls herself the Grammar Vandal who runs around Boston fixing such mistakes.

    Sometimes, mistakes can be charming and amusing, like the little take-away stand near our apartment in Chicago that served "hat dogs" and "the best tacos in tawn" …. but apostrophe mistakes are just annoying.

  2. Fence says:

    Yeah, those are kinda cute. But on a big ol' tourist campaign? That's just wrong. Maybe I should chase down the street after the buses with a big jar of tippex :D

  3. kerryview says:

    God we have it in Kerry too, in spade's. anyway, check this pic… at my blog. This shop sure use's apostrophe's a's if they were absolutely necessary. just messin with my apostrophe's!