The hero with a thousand faces by


  1. A friend sent me a copy of this recently as he was surprised I had not read it. I truly do want to read it sometime but, like you, I have the feeling that I have some general knowledge about these themes already. I still plan to read it someday, but it isn't high on my priority list.

  2. I think it may work better as a book to dip in and out of Carl. It certainly isn't awful as Mal insists :) It just felt like I knew it all already. Although I'm reading a version of the Iliad at the moment and some of the descriptions of Achilles and Helen remind me a lot of the Irish Ulster myths, especially Helen = Deirdre.

    I'm not so sure it was all about reducing diversity Mal. More like pointing out that there are similarities there too. After all, concentrating too much on the unique elements can lead to proclamations of superiority and one culture being better than an other.
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  3. No, no, no….that doesn't follow at all. I don't understand that logic. It's bizarre. Why do so many people think we are presented with two choices, a drab, homogenized, post-historic world where everybody looks and talks and acts exactly the same way, or the high autobahn back to Nazi Germany? Rrrrr. OK, maybe Campbell wasn't doing that (I haven't read that book), but that current of thought really seems…um….to be at high tide.

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