Doomsday dir. by


  1. Damn your reviews are bang on again this week as usual. I agree with you 100% on this one (and Iron Man) but we might get some flak from others about that 7 star rating. Nice to see the return of the Dog Soldiers humour, although I think that if they had opted to make a darker/more serious film like the Descent then it could have been great. The scene was set once they quarantined Scotland – but when they went back in, I was hoping for less Mad Max, more Children of Men. But it was not that kind of film, and it worked out OK anyway.

  2. Aye, it could have gone very dark if it had been more Descent, but I'm a huge fan of Dog Soldiers and enjoyed the humour.

    Personally i think that 7 is a good mark. Means I've enjoyed a film, would watch it again, but amn't that it wasn't the best film in the world. Suits both this and Iron Man :)
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  3. it isn't scary like MAD MAX, though, is it? 'cause thats what i've been afraid of.

    MAD MAX scares the crap out of me. i love it, but a part of me wishes i never saw it…

    so yeah, its not as scary, is it? otherwise it seems like fun…!

  4. didn't you find "mad max" scary?

    hmmm… this doomsday sounds potentially scary…

    i guess its all about the tone. if it has the feeling of the fantastical about it, then its fine. they can canibalise away.

    but if it has that semi-real edge like that of "28 days later" then i'd be scared…

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