Week 159

Well, it has been a while since my last Unconscious Mutterings post, but that just means y’all can enjoy it all the more :) President :: Stare :: Embrace :: Movie :: Everything :: Profile :: Satire :: Erratic :: Costume :: Secretary ::

I am legend [based on the book]

After the end of the world as we know it Robert Neville lives in New York. All alone apart from his dog, Sam, he drives around hunting deer, chatting to mannequins and going through the stock of a local video store. He also makes sure to be home and locked away by the time night comes. Because at night the rest of the survivors come out. And they aren’t so friendly.


Yes, yes, as a certain someone pointed out it has been more than a week since my last post. But it so isn’t my fault that I’m too lazy, is it?

Brass monkey

Jayzis its freezing. I’m so very very cold. There is the possibility I’ve been shot and this is all the blood draining out of my body… but then again, maybe Westerns got it wrong and Kevin from Eastenders was right, with his talk of warmth and brightness in his death …

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford [based on the book]

I loved this film. I loved everything about it. The acting was brilliant. The way the story unfolded. The narration. The casting. The scenery. The cinematography. The soundtrack. Everything was just great. Best film I’ve seen this year. Which’d be a higher compliment if this wasn’t the first film I’ve …