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The Unconsoled

ISBN: 057122539X See also: Jabberwock ; Fantastic Metropolis Surreal and weird are terms that come to mind when I attempt to review this boo [...]

There’s nothing worse than feigned empathy

When Katy French died I only knew her as “that so-called celeb in a coma”. I only knew her as that because I use TV3 to keep tra [...]

We Own the Night

Bobby is a night club manager. It is the 1980′s, New York. Life is good. Until the day his brother comes calling. Bobby’s brothe [...]


Enchanted is the story of Giselle, who meets her true love, Prince Edward after he rescues her from a troll. Or maybe an ogre. But before th [...]

Week 254

Interview :: Army :: Unwrap :: Evolve :: Bus :: The real thing :: Streak :: Gorge :: Spicy :: Course :: and before I do mine, have y’a [...]

Road to hell

As I walked to work I mentally composed this post. It was to be full of rage and bile; hatred spewing forth. Red in tooth and claw. There wa [...]

Week 253

Y’all know the drill, she says: Master :: Tour :: Input :: Downtown :: Pricey :: Acceptable :: Terrace :: Sunday :: Payoff :: Jack and [...]


To be honest I never thought I’d be bothered to see this film. The trailers made it look ridiculous, and not in a good way, but we wer [...]

The Golden Compass [based on the book]

I read, and really enjoyed, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials a while back, so I was really looking forward to this film, the first [...]
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