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5 November 2007

Have you got that joy-joy feeling that each and every Monday morning brings? You do? Great, me not so much. I could just about handle it if it was Thursday, but Monday, urghhh.

However I do have some wonderful news, especially for the all the people searching for Andy Goode and his moustache, I’ve found a photo:
Image Hosted by
nicked from the Beeb.

Don’t worry, I’ve heard it is for charity, I’m not sure if it is for Movember cause it seems fairly developed for something only a few days old.

Would it be terribly insulting to Mr. Goode if I were to suggest that he looks better with that facial monstrosity

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4 Responses

  1. jean pierre says:

    i think he looks quite cool. certainly a lot more fearsome than he did when he played against south africa that one time…

    yeah. that moustache looks cool. he looks a little like a gunslinger! :)

  2. Kelly says:

    I swear unto God that I didn't read your post before putting "Joy Joy" in my post title! Is that weird, or what? Was I drinking what you were drinking the other night?

    Hi Fency. Hey, nice 'stache on that dude.

  3. Fence says:

    JP, I hate to be all judgemental on the way he looks, but honestly, most of the time he looks like the slightly pudgy kid who is out of his depth. Well, sometimes he looks like Gene Hunt from Life on Mars, so he gets respect for that, but with the moustache he actually looks, not good, but interesting in a good way. Actually, yeah, like a gunslinger.

    Kells, we all got that joy-joy feeling going on.

  4. jean pierre says:


    i'm totally with you on the sans-moustache slightly pudgy kid thing. thats exactly what i thought when i saw him roll onto the field in his england kit.