Monthly Archives: November 2007

You must be as strong in March, when the fish are down

I owns a football club. Well I have a share in a thingy that owns a football club. Yup, that’s right, I shelled my €70ish and pa [...]

30 Days of Night

Based on the comic by Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed that when IFCO’s rating cam [...]

Death at a Funeral

You never quite know what to hope for when you go to see a so-called black comedy/farce. I mean, the trailers might give you an idea of some [...]

and again

The Top 20 Revisited Reads: The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling - yup. I’ve read and reread. Not all of them, but they are books I [...]

The raven chides blackness!

So there is this footballer named Stephen Ireland, and last weekend he scored a goal, and promptly dropped his shorts to reveal Superman Und [...]

Moonlight 1.01

Look, this is a new series with a vampire detective, so I hereby promise that there will be many and varied references to how much I miss An [...]

Grow a mo

Yes, yes, I’m writing more on Andy Goode, recently this feels like the Andy Goode moustache updates blog, but who cares. Soon I’ [...]

Stardust [based on the book]

I read this book a while ago and really enjoyed it, so I wasn’t too sure if I’d enjoy the film. You know the way they always cha [...]

The Telex machine is kept so clean As it types to a waiting world

Have you got that joy-joy feeling that each and every Monday morning brings? You do? Great, me not so much. I could just about handle it if [...]
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