War dir. by

8 October 2007

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Supposedly this is a martial-arts action film about an FBI agent hunting down an assassin because he killed the cop’s partner. But in reality there isn’t enough plot for that. Which is very surprising because there is a LOT of story and very little martial arts. There is a fair amount of action, but it is all things we’ve seen before.

I was quite looking forward to this, imagined it to be a good popcorn, switch off your brain type film. Well, it is a switch off your brain type, but there is no good to be had at all in this film. I’m hoping and praying that this was butchered in editing and post-production, because the dialogue is terrible. The storyline is pants. None of it makes sense. And it isn’t even stylish enough to just sit back and enjoy. It commits the worst sin an action film can possible commit; it is boring. Don’t bother going to see this one.

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