Lusk shooting.


  1. Trust me, I totally agree with you in everything you've said, but I'd just like to make this point : I think the key to Ann Grimes' statement can be found in the phrase "who reared Griffin's four children". She's not defending him for his sake but for their's – whatever he had done, he was their father and she sees them as the innocent victims.

  2. Harlequin

    Despite my usually 'pro-offender' :-) stance, I totally agree with you here. Sometimes an armed response by Gardai is necessary to protect people put at risk by armed criminals. They were warned. If they had listened, they would be alive. I'm sure the Gardai who did the shooting would have much preferred to not have shot them but to have arrested them instead.

    I'm very glad the Gardai aren't regularly armed and that using guns is taken seriously. In this situation, it was a reasonable response to a threat to the Gardai and the people in the post office. It's sad that people died and very sad for the children who've lost a father but that doesn't make it wrong.

  3. JL I do get that. But at the same time she is guilty of hiding away from the facts. I'm not saying the facts aren't hard and tragic, but that doesn't excuse the bestowing of victimhood on those who create victims on an ongoing basis.

    You bleeding heart liberal H ;)

    I agree.
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  4. No doubt the poor little fatherless poppets will now be brought up hating the murdering gardaí. And so the cycle goes on, with a lack of respect for law and order being instilled in them, the kids don't stand a chance.

  5. Auburn


    I read the posts on the Lusk shooting from October 4th.

    I'm doing some research on whether or not Gardai should be armed and would love some feedback.


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