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18 October 2007

Shiny! I just got my special edition Serenity in the post. It had to come all the way from Amerikay, but it is shiny shiny shiny.

I just gotta find time to watch it now.

As you may have guessed from the lack of posting- hang on, that isn’t strictly true as I have posted a few reviews, but there have been less of my ramblings than usual, so I’ll reword that sentence: As you may have guessed from the reduction in my ramblings I’ve been a little busy lately. Yeah, more students around at work and whatnot, but that isn’t really the issue. I could easily post at home, no, I’ve been preoccupied with visiting pound shops and buying crap. Why, I hear you ask[1] . Well that is easy; we are holding a football awards night out tonight. And as the Organising Committee[2] I’ve been run off my feet coming up with award categories and deciding on who should win and getting prizes. And what wonderfully crappy prizes they are! Although who knew it’d be so hard to find something costing €2 and doctor related. Weren’t there like hundreds of crappy stethoscopes[3] about when you were a kid? Anyways, despite harrowing setback like that, and the fact that Hickey’s was closed by the time I got there last night and so couldn’t get the ribbon for the medals, I have every confidence that tonight will be a total success. Or at least a drunken night. I’ve been saving up my weekly unit limits and reckon I can get totally pissed and come to no harm.

That is the way it works right? As a ladddeeeee I get what, 14 units a week? And I haven’t had a drink in two and half weeks, and so I get to have 35 units. Thats a lot of vodka and diet coke.

Work tomorrow will be fun.

Oh, and the interests of staying positive let us not mention the ROI’s performance at Croke Park last night. Discretion and valour and all that.


  1. with my excellent hearing powers
  2. please do pronounce that like you imagine a dUnbelievable character might
  3. thank you spell check

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7 Responses

  1. I don't think it works that you can save up all your units for one night y'know :p

  2. anne says:

    Oh I reckon it does.

    How did it go?

  3. sally says:

    Can you also use someone else's units? And, how much will you pay for that person"s units?

  4. Harlequin says:

    I'll sell my units, no bodder. I haven't drunk very much in oooh, the past four years, so I could make a fortune off this! YAY!!

  5. Fence says:

    If there is a weekly limit then there is a monthly limit and then there is a yearly limit, isn't there?

    Twas much fun Anne. And much drinking, although I don't think I used up all my units :)

    Interesting idea Sally, just like countries can cell their carbon whatchamacallits.

    Your fortune depends on how much they sell for.

  6. Harlequin says:

    Even if I got 10 cents a unit, I'd still make a bit o' money for absolutely nothing. I could use it to buy something useful, like the rest of the Buffy seasons, or VM season three or THE COMPLETE HIGHLANDER!! which I want so badly it's like a little pain in my heart each and every day. Or maybe that's cholesterol build-up.

    I'm impressed you're at work and blogging. I expected you to be hungover to fuck.

  7. I think the trading drinks units like carbon emissions permits might only take off if there were externalities involved – is there a 'beerglass effect' problem??