Happy Halloween

So I bought my shiny shiny Nintendo DS Lite last night. And got a great deal from Argos. €149 for the console, a game[1] and an accessory pack. So basically I paid for the console and got the rest of the stuff for free. I also bought one of those Brain Training thingies. Which was […]

Week 247

I’m late for this week’s association fun but you know, weekend in Sligo, Bank Holiday weekend, all that malarky. Plus I’m often late, you really should have gotten used to it by now.

And I’m about to delay it even more by rambling about other stuff. First Damien’s fluffy links bring news of NowILiveHere.com. It is a wiki where you[1] can tell the world what there is to do in the place that you live.

Second, I so agree with this post, so I’m I crazy that the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the trailer for Bee Movie was but he’s a male bee. Their only real role in bee society is to mate with the queen.

Drones never exhibit typical worker bee behaviors such as nectar and pollen gathering, nursing, or hive construction.

I’m sure ya’ll remember the issues I have with male cows so really, you shouldn’t be surprised by this annoyance.

I’m also thinking I just might purchase the box set of My So-Called Life. It probably won’t be as fun as I remember, but what the hell, nostalgia deserves to be indulged, don’t you think?

    And finally I get around to copying and pasting in this week’s words

  1. Inaugural ::
  2. Pledge ::
  3. String ::
  4. Trot ::
  5. Fitness ::
  6. Cinder ::
  7. Edge ::
  8. 31 ::
  9. Blue ::
  10. Leather ::

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  1. if you live in Ireland

The Road

ISBN: 9780330447546
Read for the RIP Challenge
See also: Darryl’s Library ; Skewed Perspectives ; Cynical Opimitsm ; Bookwomon

This is a novel set at some unidentified point in the future when the world has pretty much come to an end. Something, we don’t know what, has brought society down. There is little food and little shelter left, and for our two main protagonists there is always the danger that they might meet someone on the road, someone who might kill them in order to take what little they have, or maybe someone who might kill them in order to eat them. They travel on, this unnamed man and unnamed boy, constantly on the road, moving trying to find something.

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Lost Souls

ISBN: 0753817853
Read for the RIP Challenge
See also: Allan Guthrie’s Noir Originals ; Telegraph review ; The Little Bird ; Reading Matters

It was past midnight when I got home Halloween night. The car lights swept across the yard. The house had been toilet-papered.

This wasn’t originally on my RIP list, but I decided to take off the John Connolly one and replace it with this. It isn’t exactly a horror, but it does fit under the category of mystery, and it starts on a Halloween night, so I reckon it fits the challenge.

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Are you having a laugh?

It has become something of a habit with me that I spend a while browsing through AskMetaFilter reading the odd question and answer. Which is where I came across the question Do Waitstaff hate Change?, and in the middle of all the answers[1] was the fact that people usually tip 1.00 to 2.00 dollars on […]

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off!

Shiny! I just got my special edition Serenity in the post. It had to come all the way from Amerikay, but it is shiny shiny shiny. I just gotta find time to watch it now. As you may have guessed from the lack of posting- hang on, that isn’t strictly true as I have posted […]

Doomsday Book

ISBN: 0450579875
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Read with Eclectic Circus

In the year 2525, there are women… sorry, about that interruption from Cleopatra 2525, it was really out of place, considering that this book isn’t even set in 2525, but in the year 2054, when historians could travel back in time to really study their subjects. Kivrin is one such historian. But she doesn’t want to travel to the C20th, where most historians are sent, she wants to be the first to travel back to the Medieval period. And she succeeds in her aim, but something isn’t quite right. No one can ever be entirely certain as to where or when a historian will end up. A certain amount of slippage always occurs. But in Kivrin’s case her tech falls ill and so her fate is even more uncertain.

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ISBN: 9780440217985 Read for the RIP Challenge I’ve said before that in most cases for me to really love a book I have to have well written/developed characters which is possibly why short stories don’t always grab me; they just don’t have the time or space to develop the characters. So is the case with […]

Mr. Brooks

This film I really, really enjoyed, but the problem is that if I say too much about it I might ruin it for you. So, in brief, Costner plays earl Brooks, a ceramic maker. A big name in the business community. But Mr. Brooks has another side to him; he likes to kill. He believes himself addicted to murder, and every now and then he falls off the wagon and his alter-ego, Marshall, gets what he wants, a murder. But on his most recent outing he makes a bad mistake and gets photographed at the scene. He know has to deal with the photographer as well as his own family issues.

Black Sheep

This is the story of Henry Oldfield, son of a prominent sheep farmer in New Zealand, who, following a tragic incident in his childhood, suffers from a fear of sheep. He returns to the farm to sell his share of the family property to his older brother Angus. But while there is discovers the terrible secret… Angus has been experimenting in order to create a new breed of sheep, The Oldfield, but things go a little wrong and before you know it the mutant killer sheep are terrorising the land.