The Bourne Ultimatum [based on the book] by dir. by

19 September 2007

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Bourne is back. Or maybe it’d be more accurate to say that he never really went away, as this film picks up even before the second in the series, The Bourne Supremacy, has finished. So it is worth your while making sure you’ve seen that before you take a look at this one. That being said it isn’t vital, you’ll pick up on a main plot soon enough, and while what you miss out on does add to the film it isn’t totally necessary as there is plenty of back story floating around in this film.

This may be my favourite of the series so far. Plenty of action and violence. But it isn’t really ever over the top. Well, maybe it is, but it is done in a vaguely realistic way, so the audience doesn’t think it is way over the top. There is the usual film problem, you know who the hero is, and you aren’t really ever worried he is going to lose, but at the same time some of those fight scenes really do make you wince. I’ve always loved the way Bourne uses anything that is lying around in a fight, from towels to pens, everything can be a weapon.

There has been some comparison in certain reviews to the James Bond films. I don’t agree. Bond has always very unrealistic, although I suppose you could argue that the latest film, Casino Royale was a more Bourne-ish take on spying.

Like the others the shooting style is fast and full of cuts, aggressive shooting, so if you don’t like that you won’t enjoy the film. Or if you sit to close to the screen. But I really enjoyed it. As with the others it brought the style of Batman Begins to mind, which, imo, is a good thing.

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6 Responses

  1. sally says:

    I liked all three Bourne movies…for slightlt different reasons. I was most impressed with the second one, though like I said all three movies are great and I could easily watch any of the movies again again. However, I do not feel that way about "Batman Forever"…

  2. livewire says:

    Never saw any of them but love David Strathairn. Saw him many, many years ago for the first time. Btw, finished Time and Again… so much detail and I enjoyed the chance to read it. Thanks ;)

  3. Fence says:

    I don't feel the same about Batman Forever either Sally, but Batman Begins is a totally different kettle of fish :)

    Livewire I'm glad you liked it. And I love your bunny.

  4. jean pierre says:

    i still haven't seen the ultimatum yet..

    why would you say it might be better than the first? i'm just curious, 'cause i loved the first one, and it'd be very cool if this one were even better!

  5. I think the Ultimatum and Batman Begins parallel is spot on. These are two of the slickest and stylish action movies to come up in recent years.

    Paul Greengrass may not have scored an award when United 93 was nominated but Oscar glory will soon come his way…

  6. Fence says:

    JP I think I enjoyed the third more than any of the others. But that may simply be because I saw it recently on the big screen, and that does make a huge difference :)

    LNH Slick and stylish is right.