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Week 243

Muttering Time: Crook :: Career :: Freckles :: Scramble :: Mistake :: Telephone :: Thank you :: Obstruction :: 24/7 :: SciFi :: [...]

I’m a firm believer in being as positive as possible until the moment when it’s out of your hands

Okay, so I did say that it was the end of the road as far as me and optimism were concerned. But I’m so not down with the whole negati [...]

I had such fuckin’ hopes for us

I’ve been out. Doing things. You know, that I shouldn’t be, *glances warily around* going places I shouldn’t. Yup. Shoppin [...]

Week 242

Singles :: Blaze :: Sandwich :: Outside :: Gooey :: Industry :: Exclusive :: Warranty :: Magical :: Heels :: [...]


Yeah. So. Optimism… I think I’ll revert to my usual pessimism from now on. [...]

Shoulder to shoulder

I am not, in general, an overly optimistic person. Especially where Irish sport is concerned. Hopeful, always, but confident that we’l [...]

She wants that delicacy of tint, and mellowness of sneer, which distinguishes your Ladyship’s Scandal

I broke my pen just now. It isn’t a fancy-arsed pen or anything. But still annoying, don’t you think. It is one of those generic [...]

The Bourne Ultimatum [based on the book]

Bourne is back. Or maybe it'd be more accurate to say that he never really went away, as this film picks up even before the second in the [...]

It’s an absolutely appalling rumour and has no foundation whatsoever, In fact, he’s sitting across the table happily eating his dinner as we speak.

It is a bit chilly out this morning. But sunny so far, so its all good, plus, I suppose it is really and truly Autumn now, so I can’t [...]
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