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  1. Harlequin

    Didn't think Heyer had a daughter – thought she just had the one son.

    Didn't like Simon the Coldheart all that much, but that's mainly because I prefer the later periods she writes about. One of Simon's descendants turns up in one of her later pointy-beard-and-hose novels, Beauvallet.


    How's the form, Fencicles? Hope you enjoy the Horse Show, foot and mouth prevention and all. Wish I was going but damn, I don't have a penny to bless myself with between the hen and the weddin so probably just as well!! Call you soon. BTW, how's your availability for the weddin??

  2. No, you are right, it was her son. It is just initials and I did a quick google and read daughter somewhere, but obviously that wasn't referring to Heyer. Edited now.

    Available for the wedding. Am taking the next two weeks off work, so plenty of time for meandering about the shop.
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  3. Harlequin

    Wasn't actually correcting you, thought maybe she did have a daughter who wasn't mentioned much. But it turns out I was right so mwa ha ha ha!

    The whole two weeks off work thing sounds like fun – also means I can make sense of your earlier text now!! De plan is going up to de weddin in the copper-copper's car on the Wednesday. If that doesn't suit, other shit can be worked out. :-)

    PS copper's 'avin tests in hospital out foreign at mo – she's bored as hell but fine. Accessible on both her mobiles apparently!!

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