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7 August 2007

Don’t you just love Bank Holiday weekends? Or whatever your particular version of them are. I know I do. And even more when it means that I only have a three day working week as I’m off on Friday too. Yay for half-arsed working weeks.

Most of yesterday was a lovely day, weatherwise. Sunshine, warmth, a nice August day. But as I walked past the cinema on my way home from town, I felt a few drops of rain, and, just after I got home, I heard the first roll of thunder and next thing you know it was lashing. cats and dogs weren’t even in it. Good timing on my part.

Anyway, enough about the weather, I’ve been tagged for the first time in ages, Alan wants me to reveal the Soundtrack to my life. Hmmmm.

  1. In 1983/84 I was4/5, so I may not have seen the video to Michael Jackson’s Thriller but I do remember the next-door neighbour hiding behind the couch.
  2. B #1, being older, was more into music at the time, so we’d listen to his tape collection. Hits 5 was a favourite. You Can Call Me Al, Don’t Get Me Wrong, Thorn In My Side, and True Colours are the ones that stand out in my memory.
  3. Alan mentioned Lady in Red over on his site, but I have to list it too, that was the song of the year. My cousin, and many many others, dressed up as the Lady for a fancy dress competition.
  4. I’ve mentioned him before, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen[1] it is Johnny Logan and Hold Me Now from 1987. I was 8. It was great.
  5. Madonna’s Like A Prayer was also huge, mainly because it got banned. How cool was that?
  6. In 1988 the song everyone was listening to was Kylie Minogue‘s I Should Be So Lucky. And of course who could possibly forget her The Loco-Motion and the duet with Jason Donovan Especially for You No more dreaming about tomorrow, forget the loneliness and the sorrow classic.
  7. Black Box’s Ride on Time, that song was at number one forever. Or so it seemed at the time.
  8. In the early 90’s it was all about the New Kids on the Block. I think that their Hangin’ Tough was probably the first album I ever bought.
  9. The year I went to the Gaeltacht Shaggy’s Oh Carolina was huge. Oh, and No Limit by Two Unlimited.<
  10. In secondary school the big debate was, as Father Damo[2] once asked “Blur or Oasis”. Personally I wasn’t big into either. But I thought Oasis had better music, but Blur had better personalities. Let’s go with Wonderwall, just because.
  11. While I was at college in Galway I started listening to Ben Christophers. Bit fan of My Beautiful Demon. That was also when I first started listening to Dead Can Dance.
  12. Listening to Snow Patrol or Keane will bring back memories of exams. Library exams. How boring, but that is what I listened to when I should have been studying.
  13. At the moment I’m mostly listening to Bill Callahan, otherwise known as Smog. But I’ve also been listening to Declan O’Rourke, Martha Wainwright, Thea Gilmore, and the soundtracks to various films.

Almost forgot, I’m supposed to tag people, well I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out, so you’re ALL it.

Title is from Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5, because I amn’t :)


  1. and sundry others
  2. this is a different clip, cant find the right one on YouTube, then again I havent looked all that much

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6 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    Great soundtrack!!!

    I love any holidays…any excuse to have time off work and get paid is a good thing!

  2. alan says:

    Wowsers, Chris De B is everywhere! ;-)

    Great list.

    Oh my God; Ride on Time, No Limits! Memories galore.

    Finally: library exams. I feel your pain. I sat them too. ;-)

  3. Talena says:

    I feel so ignorant–I have only heard about half of those. And we are only a year apart, from the sounds of it.

    I grew up in a cave. A cave where they only played Gordon Lightfoot and Willie Nelson until I was about 15 and got to start exploring the world of music with my own money. :-)

    Hiya, Fence.

  4. jean pierre says:

    as i was born in 78 we share a lot of similar musical memories.

    "thriller", "don't get me wrong" and "true colours" are great!! :D

    i also remember that interminable "locomotion"…! and "hanging tough", "oh carolina" and "no limit"! i remember that. haha!

    i saw one of those count down music shows recently in which they talked about "2unlimited" and they were saying how the guy was meant to be a rapper and was quite miffed when he didn't get to do much rapping. all he got to say was "techno, techno, techno, techno!" haha!

    (or was it that he fancied himself a rapper and was actually too bad?)

    wasn't that whole "blur vs oasis" thing annoying. i couldn't understand why one had to choose in the first place…?

    "keane" and "snow patrol" are cool. a bit cutesy, but i still like them.

  5. Loving the Bill Callahan album too, I've been caught humming Sycamore in public on more than one occasion!

  6. Fence says:

    Very true Carl.

    He de man Alan, and there are a few other wonderful songs that I could have brought up too.

    Talena I've never heard of Gordon Lightfoot. Willie Nelson, yes, but lightfoot?

    Rapping was a tad different back then wasn't it JP :)

    TGWAOF (If you think I'm typing out all that everytime, well, you'd be wrong ;) ) he has a wonderful voice.